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We have dozens of satisfied customers throughout the world. Here are a few of their comments:

Disneyland, Hong Kong

"I viewed the Disney project extensively with my colleague Craig Amor (CEO, Resiblock Ltd) and at that time the vast majority of the paving had been installed and sealed with Resiblock. The standard of workmanship achieved by Kerry Evans and Mirage Paving on this site had to be seen to be believed, the attention to detail was second to none. As always Mirage Paving maintained the highest standard of quality and workmanship, a standard which both Kerry Evans and Mirage Paving never fail to deliver. Congratulations on yet another world-class project.
"Resiblock Limited have, for well over a decade, been providing products to stabilise small element flexibly laid paving, and I feel I can offer no better testimonial to both Kerry Evans and Mirage Paving than saying that where they are involved in the installation of paving to a site and the subsequent application of our product, we at Resiblock can rest easy knowing that our product will be installed to the highest possible standard."

Paul Lamparter
Managing Director, Resiblock Ltd

Disneyland, Hong Kong

"Marshalls Group Marketing Director Chris Harrop and myself have just returned from an Overseas trip to the Far East which included a visit to look at the paving materials we have supplied to the above project.
"Quite simply the standard of workmanship is excellent. Indeed not only have the main areas been laid to a very high standard much of the finer detailing would have been very difficult to achieve but the results bear proud testimony to the level of site supervision employed.
"As you know Marshalls frequently get involved in the supply of paving materials to projects in various countries and should the need ever arise I would have no personal hesitation in recommending the services of Mirage Paving.
"Well done, Kerry, and thanks for the integral part you played in making this project a success to the benefit of all concerned."

Paul Stark
Overseas Marketing Manager, Marshalls plc

Las Vegas, Nevada

"The fact that you made yourselves available to share your expertise with us out here in the desert, and the personable approach you took with our staff and customers, made all the difference. It was truly inspiring. In the week since your visit, we continue to look at projects from a new perspective, and we see opportunities on projects we never considered before. To say 'thank you' seems ridiculously inadequate.
"We look forward to your return to Las Vegas with great pleasure.

Jeff Cooper

Works Infrastructure Botany Downs, Auckland

"All eyes have been on the mechanical installing system employed by Mirage. The South Island machine has certainly impressed the proud Auckland paving industry -- placing some 2300sq.m during the seven days of installation. Works Infrastructure staff under Jim Wickenden (Project Engineer) have been fully stretched to get the pavement subgrade levelled and compacted to the very tight tolerances."

Roger Wells

Westroads Limited Footpath Development, Hokitika

"Mirage Paving New Zealand Ltd have recently laid Stage 1 of a Footpath development Programme for our company in Weld Street, Hokitika. Because they carried out this work in such a professional manner our company received excellent comments from the business community, pedestrians and also from the District Council.

"The quality of the work was of the highest standard, plus the efforts of the staff made it a pleasure to deal with all concerned."

M.J. Fahey

Arrow International Tranz Rail Middleton Yard Project

"The attitude and professional approach of Mirage Paving to the contract to date has been excellent. Kerry Evans as the manager of the company has great attention to detail and is uncompromising in his standards of quality and his work ethic.

"His men are always courteous and efficient in all aspects of their work."

Brad Cabell

Various projects

(Mirage) "has worked with Works Civil Construction Ltd on several contracts in the past few years, including the Kaikoura township redevelopment, Rolleston Park Subdivision, Middleton Rail Yard Development and more recently on the Cathedral Square Redevelopment Stage 4 contract.

"The Middleton and Cathedral Square contracts specify a high degree of workmanship with in a very restricted contract period.

" .... delivered a quality job while also meeting all programming requirements, maintaining a safe and well-organised work site and leaving a clean and tidy site at the end of the contract.

"Professional and easy to work with at all levels."

Mark Adamson

Cathedral Square Project

"Recently I have been associated with Kerry in the laying of several different types of paving for evaluation and testing to determine their suitability for Cathedral Square, Christchurch.

"He has been very enthusiastic and open-minded during our experimental phase, demonstrating that he is very aware of the technical and engineering requirements necessary for a good pavement. Kerry is always considering new international techniques for laying paving quickly and economically, together with giving an end product which is pleasing to the client."

Kevin Burgess
Project Engineer

Christchurch Visitors' Centre Project

"I write to express our appreciation to you and your staff for the efficient and co-operative manner in which this contract was carried out.

"As the paving was ex China with an 8-9 week delivery, we were pleased the materials arrived on time, to allow the paving work to be completed with a restricted completion date. As with most materials sourced overseas we would normally experience some delays."

The contract was carried out in a professional manner with a quality end result. We look forward to working with you on any future projects we may have."

Mark G Blyth

Eliot Sinclair & Partners Limited Tranz Rail Middleton Yard Project

"The pavement ... has now been in continuous use for two years. Recently completed maintenance inspections confirmed that the pavement is performing extremely well ... performing to our expectations and providing the heavy duty working surface required."

Marton Sinclair
15 AUGUST 2000